Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Science in a Cinch!

Over the last few days, I have been catching up on the presentations and listening to the keynote speakers for the ISTE 2011 Conference in Pennsylvania. I learned so much about learning THROUGH technology from speakers like Nancye Blair (@engagingedu), C. Briner, Bob Greenberg, and of course my #ISTE11 tweeters (@AuntyTech, @web20classroom)! Unfortunately, I missed the last keynote for the session. After checking out my last tweets, and I must say I can always count on @AuntyTech to come through. One of her tweets shared a link to the final keynote address (see below) and I was able to hear what I thought I originally missed out on. While on the Cinchcast website (still in beta mode), I listened to the speech and also made time to check out what the site had to offer. Of course you know I had to find an educational twist for integration of this website into a science classroom.

(A BIG THANKS to Wesley Fryer for Cinch-ing this presentation!)
It’s always nice to document evidence of learning from inquiry-based activities. It’s even nicer if you’re able to record and share those learning moments later on. Cinch is the right tool for the task. Cinch allows you to record and share audio on the web. It provides three ways to create an account, capture audio, and share on your webpage. Boy, do I love having options! After creating a recording, you can edit to add an image and title of your audio clip.
How can I use this tool in a science classroom?
1. As students are engaged in a discovery activity, walk around asking questions, recording along the way.
2. Record key terms for a new unit.
3. Conduct interviews.
4. Record observation notes.
5. Record students teaching each other.
Can I just say the possibilities are endless?
The nicest piece is that your students can return to your podcasts and listen to them time and time again.

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