Monday, June 20, 2011


Growing up, I remember sticking speech bubble stickers onto my photos that matched the sentiment of the moment. Today, there's Fotobabble, which will do the same thing only with a tech twist! Now how can this be used in science? Hmmm, great question! Science learners need to be great communicators and Fotobabble gives them an opportunity to practice. Teachers can use photobabble in a few ways. Two options immediately come to mind:

1. Teachers post a photo with commentary prior to beginning a new unit.
2. Allow students to take their own pictures (with their own cameras) of different stages in the experimentation/inquiry process.

Of course, I am excited about the prospects of this tool in my classroom. So how can you create one? Another great question!

First you need an account if you don't already have one. You have the option of signing in with your Facebook account, but that's just an option.

Choose a picture from your personal files or copy/paste a URL with the desired visual.

Choose a background theme for your account. I encourage that you use a plain background to minimize the distractions.

Once the picture is uploaded, you can record, playback, adjust privacy settings, add tags, and finally save your product.

After saving, the URL and embed codes will appear to the right of your picture so that you make upload to your website and share with students.

Of course I had to make one to share with you. I will have to check the recording time that's alloted for each upload. Otherwise, this is a very simple tech tool for your classroom!

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