Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Twitter in the Classroom...Hmmm?

Samantha Miller shared 50 ways to integrate Twitter into education.  In an age where we are surrounded by digital media I realize that I am competing for my students' attention.  I don't fancy the lecture approach to instruction, but I do realize that so many still use this method out for comfort or fear of the unknown.  One thing I like about Twitter that sets it apart from Facebook is that I do not need to add people as friends to follow them.  I see friending students on Facebook or other social networking accounts can have devastating effects on one's career.  My advice: Better safe than sorry!  I would love to hear how teachers are using Twitter in specific subject areas at different grade levels.  I recently created my own Twitter account so that I could learn the basics and already see the power of implementation.  After about two months of research, I found TweetChat and Tweetdoc.  Let's say that you wanted to create a discussion with guest speakers on a particular topic. All you need to do is login to TweetChat, include the #hashtag, and begin chatting in REAL TIME!  Tweetdoc allows you to take that chat and create a PDF file so that others who missed the conversation can access the information at another time. Can you imagine how that would help students who missed a day of math instruction or a science experiments? Well, I am excited about the possibilities of tweeting about science with my students. Besides I am already seeing how this will support the 21st century learning objectives in my classroom.  How about you?

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