Monday, June 27, 2011


Let me first thank @AuntyTech for sharing such a great web tool.  After playing with the web site I just had to share my ideas with you on its applicability in a science classroom.  Elementary teachers this is definitely a handy tool for your little learners!  Buncholinks is exactly what the website claims: a better way to share a BUNCH of links!  For today’s example, I decided to focus on Life Science resources. Instead of posting a bunch of websites on my blog or on a handout for my students like this:
I can access my Buncholinks account and follow the next steps for sharing with my students.
1. Copy and paste my preferred links into the box on the right of the Buncholinks website.
* Remember you can only have one website link per line.
2. Select Build a Bunch!
3. Create a name for your bunch.
4. Select the edit button to give each link a note or title.
5. Locate the Share with Friends link at the bottom of the page.  Copy and paste to your website or type on class handout.
6. Select continue to your bunch.
Click here, to see my Life Science Buncholinks
Another great feature of this website is the widget tool.  If you’d like to keep your bunch of links in one easy to find place then I recommend this feature. 
Applications in any science class:
1. Create a list of websites for students to analyze.  Have students write comments on the reliability of the information for each website.  Students may or may not post their first name with the comment, but it depends on objectives for the lesson.  Example: Create links to claims and have students analyze websites for evidence supporting claims and write their comments for each link.
2. Provide students with a list of acceptable websites they may use for a project.
I would love to hear your ideas for the potential of this website in your classrooms.

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