Friday, June 24, 2011


As a mother, teacher, and doctoral learner it is not always ideal to schedule face-to-face meetings with my teams. Sometimes it is just easier to hold a conference call. However, when one of my teams decided we needed to have a virtual meeting, I thought it would be an opportuned time to use TodaysMeet. TodaysMeet is a website that allows you to chat with anyone with a link to your chatroom. The conversations are in real time so there is no need to step away from the computer and wait hours for someone to respond. TodaysMeet is actually quite simple to use if you follow these instructions:

1. Go to
2. Create a unique room name.
3. Choose how long you want to room to remain open.
4. Select create your room.
5. Enter the room, type your name, and select Join.

Once you and your team determine a time to meet, log in and "speak" away! A really nice feature of TodaysMeet is the transcript option. Let's say you couldn't remember a response someone provided in the chat room. You can always go back to the room (provided it hasn't closed) and create a transcript of the entire dialogue. Isn't that awesome!

Ideas for a science classroom:
1. Backchannel for student questions during a presentation.
2. Virtual conference rooms to log group project discussions.
3. A place where school administrators can join classroom discussion, answer, and ask student questions.
4. Use to build science academic vocabulary.

The possibilities are endless! How do you TodaysMeet in your classroom?

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