Thursday, June 23, 2011


A binder for this and a binder for that.  If you are like me, then you have loads of binders that store great lessons, research articles, student exemplars and more.  There must be a better way to store my information.  Guess what? There is a better way!  Let me introduce you to Livebinders, where you can store digital information in a virtual binder.  You can upload pictures, graphs, diagrams, notes, audio, video, websites, games, and more.  I came across live binders around February of this year and was just amazed with the information people had already put together to share with the world.  Before long, I have created at least 10 binders.  Livebinders can be public or private--the choice is yours.  However if you choose to make any binder private, but still want to share it you must give out the access key.It has  rating and commentary features, which I like quite a bit.  My most favorite aspect of Livebinders is the embedding feature.  Why ramble on when I can just show you? Here is my first livebinder, which recently hit 1000 views. (Yea!)

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