Monday, June 13, 2011

Spicy Nodes

Teachers love graphic organizers!  So in my quest to find new tools to support my classes this fall, I came across Spicynodes. Spicynodes allows teachers and students to create concept maps for any topic. Many websites want you to create an account before testing the product. Spicynodes is different! You are able to choose your design and see the preview in the window on the right. After clicking continue, you will then get to include text, pictures, and video to create the map. After you view the final map, you can create an account to save your creation. The only way to embed your concept map onto a website or blog page is if you have an account. Below is a really quick sample of of Spicynodes in action. Try it out today! I would love to hear how you can use this tool in your content area. Hit the Disqus button below and let's chat!

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