Friday, July 1, 2011


Let me introduce you to two great ideas: Augmented Reality and Daqri.

Augmented reality (AR) occurs when a link is made between technology and the physical world. We've seen it in the movies, all over Youtube, and now the iPads. Daqri is one product that allows you to mix your reality with AR by using QR codes. Well what happens when augmented reality and Daqri collide? You get a WOW experience in the classroom! Daqri is a new tech tool that can be use to enhance classroom lessons. Can you think of a lesson that students generally struggle with year to year and you're just searching for a way to improve their experience? Daqri is one way to go! Since Daqri is in beta mode you will still need to request for an account. Once you get your account, you can add video, images, audio, text, PDFs, and 3D objects into a bar code. You can send the bar code to students in a number of ways or you can provide it to them through handouts or presentations.

I wanted to play around with this tool to see just how easy it would be to set up and to use. I must say that I am really impressed. Here's my first Daqri (somewhat related to science).

Application in science?
1. Create a guided reading activity and post a copy of the Daqri QR code for students to scan on mobile technology. (Please encourage your students to bring their own headsets if you add audio/video resources.) Provide cues for when to use the code.

2. Create a nature activity. Kids love outdoor classrooms.  As they observe something, have QR Codes posted for them to gather additional information about tasks and more.

3. Enrichment support is also a good idea. Perhaps videos on how to use science/math formulas for calculating density, speed, pressure, and mechanical advantage.

I did touch base with @daqri (Twitter) for some technical advice for 3D objects and they were very helpful.  So in case you have issues with this resource don't hesitate to contact them.

How can you use Daqri in your classroom?

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