Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cramberry - A Yummy Way to Study

Do your students need another great way to study? Well, try Cramberry.  You can create online flashcards for free, which is definitely a handy tool for science education.  Students can create flashcards or you can create flashcards for them.  It’s actually quite easy to create a set of cards. 
1. Login to Cramberry.
2. Create a title for set.
3. Decide if anyone can use and edit the set of cards.
4. Create set.
5. Type in information for the front and back of your cards.  (You have an option to create your own backmatter or take from the premade options.)
6. Click Finish.
7. Review your set, then select Study Now or Export.
8. Share the URL with student.  Here’s my quick sample:
Your sets can be tweeted or liked.  However, the greatest feature is that students can type in answer and do a self-check.  There is no time limit so students can review words until they are satisfied.  

Application to Science:
1. Create a set of cards for building academic vocabulary.

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