Monday, July 4, 2011

Weebly for Education

I really need to thank the presenters who shared their presentations online for those of us that wanted to review the information again or for those of us that didn't get the opportunity to attend ISTE 2011.  For the last few years, I have danced around the idea of student portfolios.  For the last two years, I have tried to make portfolios commonplace as I continually try to expand on my efforts from the previous year.  This year will be no different in my mission, but will take on a new twist.  This year I want to try using ePortfolios.  Now, I have researched this topic actively and had taken notes of great ideas. Dr. H. Barrett has a plethora of information on portfolio development on her blog.  After looking at her contributions I decided to try one resource for a sample ePortfolio that I could share with students.

Weebly for Education
Weebly is a free, interactive website and blog development tool.  No HTML coding is necessary for this website as everything is drag-and-drop.  If you choose to create a regular Weebly account, you won't be able to get student accounts.  However, Weebly for Education provides you with up to 40 student accounts free.  There are a variety of neat features that students can use, but to include some tools requires a premium account. (However, I think you can get around some of this if you are familiar with HTML coding).  Once you create a school account students will be able to access their accounts from here. Students will input the account information provided to them and can get started using their new ePortfolio accounts.  The best feature is that I can check how often students are updating their sites.

Check out my first Weebly website.

Application for Science?
1. Create an ePortfolio for the school year in science class.  The portfolio should contain a section for showcasing work and another section that shows learning progress.  Incorporate a blog of frequent reflection on learning within each student page.

Why not try Weebly for Education today!

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