Monday, August 1, 2011

Animoto for Education

Today marks Day 3 of Preplanning and I am excited that school is about to start.  Of course, there are so many ideas running through my head about what to teach and how to teach.  However, I am also thinking about setting the tone for my class and giving parents and students an idea of what to expect.  For that, I turned to Animoto for Education.  Because Open House is this evening I wanted to put something together for my new families so that they can see that science plays a role in daily life.  Animoto is a great presentation tool for sharing music, videos, images, and text.  Once you put together the presentation, it can be shared or embedded on a number of websites.  Here's the first of two presentations that I have made already:

Application in Science:
1. Let students take pictures during an experiment, share them on class blog.
2. Create presentations on a topic or concept (teacher or student created).

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