Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Linking Things with ThingLink

Well it has been awhile since my last post, but I am back with a new tool that has great potential in any classroom.  If you haven't heard of ThingLink before that be prepared to read about what is has to offer your class!  Initially, when I started sharing photos with my parents I would upload pictures and then write a huge blurb to go along with each one.  With ThingLink all I need to do is upload a picture file and click anywhere on the picture to add text, links, audio, or video.  In a science classroom, it is always helpful for parents to see what their kids are not just learning, but experiencing in class. @AuntyTech brought ThingLink to my attention and has even created a blog post on how ThingLink can be used in schools. For additional ideas, try this link.

Here an example of how I am using ThingLink

Application in Science
1. Lab Photos - If students miss a lab they can use photos to follow steps .
2. Voicethread? - Well, it might require a few extra steps to be like the real thing, but students could create mini-podcasts and attach these podcasts to a matching picture on a concept.

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